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Unique personal investment manager that shows you, and lets you work with, your family's investments in one place
Why Jus' Keeping Track is a cool way to organize and track your investments.
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"jus' Keeping Track is so convenient... I can quickly refer to it even while at work"
created by Pravin Gandhi
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Jus’ Keeping Track has the edge over the various on-line portfolio managers on financial portals:

    Obtain separate Short Term and Long Term Capital Gains statements that you can use for your annual returns.  
    Enter and organise Dividendsb
You can break up, if you wish, purchase and sale price into rate, brokerage and taxes
    4 - in - 1: keep track of investments in Shares as well as Mutual Funds; Dividends received and Gains from sale/redemptions  
    Use for all family members, with a single Login on a single subscription  
    View Big Picture of investments for entire family, and drill down to lowest detail.  
    Instant alerts on investments becoming Long Term Capital Gain candidates.  
    Jus' Keeping Track does Jus' What Its Name Says; it doesn't try to do thousands of things, keeps it simple.  
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