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Engineer, Software Product maker, Trainer; and a bit of Trekker, Piano player, Poet, ardent traveller – the man behind Jus’ Keeping Track is a Left-Brain and
Pravin Gandhi has authored a 14-part column on Software Products Marketing, in the Express Computers magazine.
Marketing Communication
He has considerable experience of working with advertising companies and event managers; conducting press conferences,
Right-Brain person, often at the same time.

Professional Career
Pravin Gandhi worked at Tata Consultancy Services for 15 years, a journey that took him from programmer to Head of Software Products Group. He was responsible for the creation and marketing of several software products from the TCS house.
participating in international exhibitions; creating marketing communication.

on Communication Skills and Personality
Pravin Gandhi has special interest in imparting communication and presentation skills to youth and corporate staff to help them be interesting and effective communicators. He conducts
Since then he has been an entrepreneur; and Software Products & Marketing Consultant. In 1998, he created the personal investment software nVEST. He has been consulted for executive information systems; E-Learning; intranet applications; Company and Product Positioning; Branding; and creating Multimedia CD-ROM communication.

Software Product Specialist
Pravin Gandhi has considerable experience in creating branded software products. He has created 2 of the 3 Best Buys (CHIP Magazine Apr' 2000).

To quote Brand Equity, “YOU JUST can't keep a software product man out of action for long.”
  Communication Skills and Personality Development Workshops.

Pravin Gandhi is a Mechanical Engineer from V.J.T.I., Mumbai, and Master of Science in Industrial Engineering from Georgia Tech, Atlanta, USA.
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